frankenstein book cover jpg 2If you create a Frankenstein, Don’t be Surprised when he eats the Village

Pastor Guy Parrish

This is the latest book by Pastor Parrish and it is guaranteed to help you keep the right perception in life. Sin is fun but the consequence can be horrific. With the story of Frankenstein looming in the background Pastor Parrish uses real-life Bible examples to parallel this 19th century classic.

God has designed life in such a way that you just simply can’t cheat and win. The Bible lifts the fantasy of sin out of the allurement of the pale moonlight into the reality of proper perspective when it asserts,  “AS I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it” (Job 4:8).

There is an undeniable law of judgment built in the very nature and fabric of life. No matter who you are in life, God has designed it that you reap what you sow, that you get back what you put out, and that what goes around comes around of your own evil actions. So, if you create a Frankenstein, don’t be surprised when he eats the village.


2015-08-26 11.07.27-01 (2)And the Sun Stood Still

Pastor Guy Parrish

Faith is so much more than wishful thinking. In its pristine form, faith is the indispensable necessity of life that will lift you up when everything else has let you down. It is a gift from God that He wants to give to you, that will turn your tears into telescopes.

True faith is three dimensional, it’s not one sided. You probably think you know faith inside and out. But it’s not likely you have ever seen faith like this.

And the Sun Stood Still is an inspirational book that is rock solid and is splashed with a poetic flair. It is filled with funny and heartwarming stories that are certain to touch your soul. Guy Parrish takes the brush of verbal expression and with meticulous strokes paints a poignant portrait of faith that will stir the dying embers of your hope. Enjoy a fresh look at faith, from all sides.


  1. And The Sun Stood Still
  2. The Rose Will Bloom Again
  3. Life’s Unanswered Questions
  4. When Fear Knocks
  5. The Tenacity of Bulldog Faith
  6. Faith At The Midnight Hour
  7. Last Thread of Hope
  8. Losing Faith With The Taste of Fish Still In Your Mouth
  9. In The Presence of The Enemy
  10. Born For Battle
  11. An Old Habit That Can’t Be Broken
  12. Faith’s Resolve


2007-09-17-1327-01_edited (2)

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby!

Pastor Guy Parrish

This book will open your eyes to the surreal world of fakes and phonies. Write this down big and bold, there are hypocrites in the church!  This does not make the Gospel null and void but rather confirms the ministry and message of Jesus Christ. Some people say, “I don’t go to Church because there are too many hypocrites there.”  To that Pastor Parrish responds, “I would rather go to church with a few hypocrites, than go to hell with all of them!” This book is not a mission to expose fakes, but rather to illuminate the eyes of every true believer  and to see the inconceivable consciences of saying you are one thing and in reality you are another. Jesus cursed a fig tree one day and after 2000 years the message is still relevant, just as the Bible is. Come take this incredible journey back to a day in time that still affects our lives today!



2007-08-02-1505-22_edited (2)

Faith on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Pastor Guy Parrish

Everyone loves to hear the thrilling stories of faith. The Bible gives in the 11th chapter of Hebrews a glimpse of faith, that delivers people out of the dilemmas of life.  It also reveals the truth that some must suffer for their faith. Everyone wants to live on the bright side of faith. Unfortunately some have to live on the dark side.

Some Christians escape by faith while others have to endure by faith. God’s ultimate goal is to get you to the level of mature faith. There really are two sides to faith.



2015-08-27 13.44.10 (2)In Pursuit of Wow

Pastor Guy Parrish

Taken from the backdrop of 1 Chronicles 13:8, this book will take you on a amazing journey of worship. There is no human endeavor that brings us so high by bringing us so low through contrition and humility than that of true worship.

Worship is an action that refocuses our attention away from the creation and back on to the Creator who made us all and who makes life possible. There is no other human pursuit in the entire world that is more soulfully satisfying and lends a greater dignity or nobility of character to an individual than as Jesus put it, “Worshipping in Spirit and Truth” (cf. John 4:24). True worship reveals us at our best.

This is a must-read book for every true worshipper. It will leave you saying “Wow!”.


A World Without God (2)

A World Without God

Pastor Guy Parrish

Jesus said in Matthew twenty four, there would be a striking parallel between the days of Noah, and, the days just prior to His second coming. Those conditions exist today in living color! It cannot be denied that the “Days of Noah” are being repeated right before our very eyes. “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). The word “imagination”, from the Hebrew root word means, “To shape as a potter would shape clay”. Men were working overtime to fashion and mold society with wicked philosophies. Trying ever so hard to reshape and mold the world. To get, immorality, perversion, evil, and vice to be the acceptable normal lifestyle. To say good was evil, and evil was good. They were trying to create a world without God, so God destroyed them. This is book is intriguing, interesting and to say the least, eye opening. It is later than it’s ever been!



2008-05-22-1316-32_edited (2)Making Sense of the Mystery

Pastor Guy Parrish

Here in this imperfect world of shade and shadow, we know of anything only in part.  As the Apostle Paul so inspired, and poignantly inscribed it upon the ancient scroll,  “We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us” (1 Corinthians 13:12 (The Message)). The poet, philosopher and the preacher have tried to shed light on soul pain, yet even by gathering all the powers of a ready and creative pen, and with an impeccable imagination of the cerebral cortex, they all have fallen short of articulation in giving satisfactory answer to this perplexing problem of human suffering. Suffering has always been a mystery. We search but in vain for answers. Pastor Parrish doesn’t promise clear- cut answers, but offers perspective, understanding and godly wisdom to the tough questions of life. As the title offers, this booklet will help you make sense of the mystery. If you are suffering, or have someone you love caught up in an infliction that causes sleepless nights, filled with tears.  This book is a must read.



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Truth Will Win the Day!

The Vindication of the Righteous

Pastor Guy Parrish

Vindicate:  To clear, as from accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like: to vindicate someone’s honor.

Pastor Parrish in this compelling and instructional book lays bare the principle of the righteous being vindicated. Using as a backdrop the saga of Paul the Apostle, that begins with him being falsely accused by the religious leaders. That ultimately lands him (after a shipwreck) on the island of Malta. There the barbarians falsely accused him as being an evil man, because of being bit by a venomous serpent. They expected him to die within minutes, but he didn’t.

Through this whole ordeal, God vindicates Paul in an incredible way. Then the ancient story of Joseph, his betrayal and long journey to the throne proves and demonstrates God’s plan even for you. The subjects of bitterness, forgiveness, and good ultimately triumphing over evil are entwined throughout this gripping book. It is a must read especially if you have been accused, misunderstood or just plain lied about. God always vindicates the righteous and truth always conquers!


prosperity[1] (2)

Building Prosperity on a Dime

Pastor Guy Parrish

Learn the secrets to Biblical prosperity. You will no doubt ever read a book like this one. God’s will for your life is prosperity. But the question is what is prosperity? Don’t be confused by listening to every prosperity prophet that sticks his head up on TV. This is not a get rich quick sermon but it is the foundational turning point for everyone who is interested in prospering in the Lord. To neglect your Tithes is to rob God. But to pay your Tithes is the foundation to your future. Read this practical yet passionate booklet and be blessed.




2007-08-02-1501-54_edited (2)Driven by a Dream

Pastor Guy Parrish

We are all born dreamers! Deep within our hearts there is a dream that God the architectural designer of the human soul has given us.  Every person born into this spinning sphere called Earth was born with a dream. Go with Pastor Parrish on an insightful and incredible journey. Discover God’s principles in the area of your dreams so illustrated in the life of Joseph. Do you have a dream? Is it your dream or is God’s dream?  Put it to the acid test of the Word of God. Learn to dream and interpret God’s dream for you.




truth[1] (2)

The Truth About Once Saved Always Saved

Pastor Guy Parrish

Can a Christian Backslide?  Will a backslidden Christian go to Heaven? Can you lose your salvation? Is salvation really unconditional? These questions and many more are answered in this short but concise book.

Everyone needs to know the truth because eternity is to long to second guess. Get ready for eternity; you will be spending a lot of time there!



2008-01-25-1305-26_edited (2)

Jesus on Fifth Avenue

Pastor Guy Parrish

Some in the 21st Century Church not only has believed this perverse theology of the greed of materialism, but also inaccurately articulated it with passion to astraddle Christians.  Instead of Jesus being preached as the only Savior of the world, a good many well-meaning, and deviant people have hijacked His name. Turning the message of salvation into a message of wealth, health, and self.  Jesus has gone from the cross, to crosswalk of Fifth Avenue. Some preachers are selling everything from miracle water to pieces of their suit that they sweat in. Pastor Parrish explores this faulty foundational message of self-indulgence. Something Jesus never taught, and yet His Name is being tied to it. It is a Church culture, not a Biblical lifestyle. Jesus promised life, and life more abundantly, however it was never meant to be a free lottery ticket to “things”. These wolves in Shepard’s clothing have duped the masses into believing what is not true. Jesus said, “This truth will set you free!”.



cemetary[1] (2)

Revelations From Rigor Mortise Cemetery

Pastor Guy Parrish

The story of Lazarus is captivating as well as irrefutable. Even non-believing ancient Jewish historians have record to it. So we know Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead we just have to figure out how. For the Believer it is simple; Jesus is Lord and proved mastery over death in this incredible moment in time.  Out of this true story comes ten fresh revelations.  This book is a must read!




2015-08-26 11.08.00-02


The Rest Of Us Have To Swim

Pastor Guy Parrish

The Rest of Us Have to Swim is a book filled with irrefutable truth and is seasoned with humor and enhanced with slivers of history. It is an enchanted book that is sure to leave you fascinated as well as informed. From Superman to the Lone Ranger, Guy Parrish uses these fictitious characters to reveal the non-fictional realities of God’s grace. You are sure to find that there is no other word for grace but amazing!


  1. Casting Out The Ghost Of The Past
  2. You Can’t Live Life Without An Eraser
  3. Retroactive Righteousness
  4. Super Sinners Need Super Grace
  5. The Humpty Dumpty Dilemma
  6. Who Was That Masked Man?
  7. Mercy Draped In Skin
  8. The Color of Redemption
  9. From The Mire To The Choir
  10. Have You Heard Any Good News Lately?
  11. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
  12. He Did Walk On Water



All books are available at LIFEPOINT Church in the foyer. Prices range from $4 to $15 for a book.